’……Beaty. If anything, it is a concept of rather ill repute.
At the same time we strive for it where possible.

It is this basic beaty,
which makes possible and sustains life.
It brings hope because it is the constructive other side everyone strives for,
the side of the sacrosanct, of invulnerability, health, freedom and vividness.
It encompasses everything that is good and thereby also beautiful.

Gerhard Richter, March 2009

Læsø is my gemstone
To find inspiration
is to find oxygen and vital energy for the soul
Inspiration to inhale
To inhale life
To let my mind translate what I see
let it express itself through my hand
Poul Klee says:
Art does not reproduce what is visible
Art makes our surrounding visible

The nest of civilizations
Richness of nature
Aesthetics through various cultures
Great thinking here
The rich intellects of the ancient Greeks
Fruitful trees, olives, sweet grapes and wine
A turquoise blue sea full of fish
A nourishing bed
Sense of interconnectedness

Northern Norway and Greenland are primordial force
A corner of the beginning of the world
Steep dark mountainsides
Straight into the dark green Arctic Ocean
An intensity of sublime nature
We are small soft and vulnerable creatures
I sense great humility

The desert land is pure colour
Endless waving sand
Light brown steppes
The sheperd with his flock
In the desert land sands and skies meet
Grains of dust so fine
that they are everywhere
The sheperd wears a turban
and his scarf covers mouth and nose
The morning mist is a golden red dry haze of sand
Close eyes and mouth

The pulse, the dance, the rythm
The sweat, the heat, the taste
Hospitality and embrace
Black people, brown babies
Refreshing coconut milk
from coconut
Blue-violet jacarandas
Relentless sun from a clear sky

India is a bombardment of all senses
Wild, warm, exotic smells
car fumes and unnerving noise,
the odour of shit and piss,
An explosion of pang colours
A Hindu temple
A calm sacred cow
Old white-haired dark-tanned men
with skinny legs
and orange garlands around their necks

The garden is the peaseful room of the soul

That is, if they exist

Study Trips

Sketches in the field

The sketches are immensely important to me
I find my way into the shapes
the shapes of nature
by letting what is seen
find its way through the hand and onto the paper.
My hand must have sensed
the ornaments of nature
felt them in the hand
for me to be able to use my designs and lines
and have them come alive in my paintings.