Life of the Artist and the Art of Life - Let Us Play in the Top of the Tree of Life

- a story told in pictures, signs, forms and colours.
It is woven together with stories from Melaine’s own life – her past, her life as a midwife travelling the world, and how she chose what she is so deeply passionate about.
In this lecture her two identities will merge.
As a midwife you not only have to know your trade. You also have to know something about life, possess some of the skills of a priest and of a psychologist, and acquire an insight into the wondrous universe of the human soul.
As an artist I have made good use of my ability to focus and concentrate, and I have strengthened and developed my creativity and intuition.
I will take you on a journey through the physical, wide world.
You will gain an insight into how the ornaments, signs and shapes of nature are collected, how the palette with its range of colours is created and how a painting is born.  
At the same time you will also get underneath the skin of the paintings, their hidden stories, their magic, insight and wisdom.
I believe all people have an inner force.
It is given to us when we are born.
Deep inside we all have a knowledge of its existence, but we do not always know its face.
We can look inside our selves, and if we follow its course we will find our lifeline, our lifeblood, the path to joie de vivre and substance in our lives.
We are all part of something bigger.
If we follow our inner voice and follow our magical path, the universe will open up and support us in every way.
Watch, listen and feel insights that shift.
Søren Kierkegaard said:
‘To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.’
Dare we live out our dreams?

The lecture lasts approximately 1½ hours.