News - 2020

January 30 to February 2
Nørhalne Shows Art:

Art Society DSB, Telegade 2  Tåstrup

April 30 to June 11
Horsens Art Society, Horsens Health Centre,
Grønlandsvej 1,  8700 Horsens
Opening: April 30.  5 pm

June 13-14, 10 am to 6pm
Open Studio Doors Viborg,
Røverdal 22 Dollerup,
With Jewels, Zofia Karen Enevoldsen
Photos, Finn Christensen,
Paintings and drawings, Melaine Christensen

August 2 to  October 1
Bovbjerg Lighthouse
With: Maja Vendelbo, Sergey Gusev, Zofia Enevoldsen, Birgit Kvorning, Marianne Schultz, Finn Christensen og Melaine christensen
Opening Sunday August 2, 2-4 pm

August 22-23, 10 am to 5 pm
Open Studio Doors Silkeborg
Guest exhibitor at Tage Størup
with Zofia Enevoldsen and Karina Lemminger,
Skellerupvej 59 b, Silkeborg

October 24-25
Børglum Church
with Finn Christensen, photos,
and Melaine Christensen, paintings
Børglum Forsamlingshus (community centre)
Group exhibition with med paintings and sculptures

November 22, 10 am to 6 pm
Christmas Open Studio at my place,
Røverdal 22, Dollerup
with  Zofia Karen Enevoldsen, jewels
Finn Christensen photos
Melaine Christensen, paintings and drawings

Permanent exhibitor at Gallery Visby,

Interested in my paintings?
Please call or e-mail for an appointment with me in my studio,
Røverdal 22 Dollerup (See ‘contact me’)


March 26, 7.30 pm
‘Life of the Artist and the Art of Life’
for Horsens Art Society

June 4, 7 pm
Walking, Drawings and Paintings….
We will start with a walk in the hills of Dollerup and a visit to the artist’s Melaine Christensen’s studio. We will look at painting and drawings and learn how the artist is inspired and how the paintings come to life. . .

October 19, 7 pm
‘Inside and Outside the Walls’.
About women in western Afghanistan and tradition and modernity.
For the Ladies’ Cultural Circle, Horsens (private event)

November 4, 10-12 am
’Inside and Outside the Walls’. About tradition and  women in western Afghanistan.
Folk High School Days in Silkeborg
with the topic ‘Boundary’
Silkeborg Medborgerhus (community centre), Bindslevs Plads

Study trips
January: Gokarna Kanataka, Southern India
March: Jämtland, Sweden
June,July and August: Alta, Finmark Norway
September and October: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia